We are excited to announce our virtual Community Health Worker (CHW) session, which will uniquely represent CHWs and CHW Supervisors with vital perspectives to give high-level information about health and illnesses surrounding minorities. Inspire to Bring Life is a new community health initiative offering counseling and education materials online to people about making healthy choices. We envision helping individuals attain a healthy lifestyle through our training sessions on self-management.
Join us in learning the tools to better self-manage your health. Register now!
Our facilitators include both full-time and part-time CHWs who work on various health issues ranging from daily healthcare activities to understanding behavior surrounding the health and illnesses of minorities and beyond. Our speakers bravely deliver exceptional self-management care daily, and they are eager to speak at the event!
Inside This Issue
• Develop Cultural Competency
• Advanced Learning for CHWs
• Self-Management Healthcare Techniques
Our next CHW workshop is scheduled for September 2022. The workshop will provide attendees with information on ways to better manage their health.
Join us in our efforts to promote wellness and achieve a healthy lifestyle through our upcoming workshop. Our virtual class timings are 10:00 am – 12:30 pm
For more info, call (305) 454-2978 or (305) 766-9355
Join us! CHW Virtual sessions are available through Inspire To Bring Life. These workshops are open to Community Health Workers, supervisors, other professionals that work with CHWs, and anyone who wants to learn more about Community Health Workers. During the session, Inspire to Bring Life’s guest speakers, or other trainers would usually present a specific topic. The subjects are chosen based on current events to assist in dealing with the issues. The remainder of the sessions will be an open discourse between the attendees and the facilitator/speaker to explore the topic, troubleshoot any problems, and exchange best practices. You may register for the session and view slides from past courses here. Are you unsure what to expect? Check out our most current recordings right now! The next call is scheduled for September 2022 from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm; we hope to see you there! We also offer additional sessions! Find out more on our website.
Attend virtual classes, discover the most recent health self-care solutions, and hear from leaders on driving digital transformation to understand cultural diversity and advance healthcare for a smarter and sustainable future.
Class Timing (Zoom): 10 am to 12:30 pm
Our online course for Community Health Workers is self-paced and will educate you on cutting-edge methods for tackling self-care health challenges.
Reserve your slot by clicking CTRL+click to register. Upcoming call date: September 2022




Collaboration with Self- Management Resource Center

For the past 38 years, Self-Management Resource Center has collaborated with researchers to assist state and local public health agencies in integrating Community Health Workers (CHWs) into their minority response and recovery efforts. The Self-Management Resource Center helps health agencies and community organizations engage with refugee, immigrant, and migrant populations disproportionately affected by various causes.

Self-Management Resource Center is a woman-led and CHW-centered company committed to promoting long-term approaches to CHW services. The Self-Management Resource Center offers health education and information, as well as online training, best and promising practices, self-care programs, and pilot projects.

The virtual session will provide an overview of the critical role that community health workers (CHWs) play in community-based public health response, outline the CBWA’s playbook for CHW local public health integration, and introduce participants to the Health Department/Volunteers of America CHW team that serves residents.

For more information on these projects, please get in touch with Self-Management Resource Center 711 Colorado Ave Palo Alto CA 94303 USA, and El Shaddai Community Church (ESCC) or call

For more info, at (305) 454-2978 or (305) 766-9355